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Jessica's Approach

If you are already familiar with different types of counselling, it may be helpful for you to know that I draw on many different areas of psychology and social work, including: trauma-informed practice, anti-oppressive practice, ecological theories, cognitive-behavioural and dialectical behavioural strategies, narrative therapy, solution-focused and strengths-based approaches. 


Even to me that sounds like a confusing jumble. Let's simplify, shall we? Counselling doesn't have to be overwhelming! 


I practice from an integrative perspective. This means that I believe all parts of ourselves impact all the other parts, and that different strategies and focuses will work with different people. Integrative practice lets us draw from different types of counselling to tailor an approach for each individual.


Our first session(s) will be about establishing trust, and talking about how we will work together. Once you feel comfortable, I will work with you to figure out which parts of your life aren't working for you, the causes and triggers of any barriers to being where you want to be in life. Next, we can confidently set goals and explore strategies to help your life go in the direction you want it to. You already have strategies that you use - let's identify them together and build on them, so you can draw on your innate strengths during future challenges too!


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