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Sometimes it's helpful to know that the person you're sharing your deepest thoughts with is a real person, and not a robot! So here's a bit about me...

I am queer, cisgender woman who is a wife, daughter, sister and friend. I am deeply grateful for my loved ones, and the moments spent laughing, relaxing together, or discussing our passions and beliefs. I grew up mostly in Ontario, and moved to Vancouver as soon as I graduated university. Despite being a city person through and through, I recharge anywhere there are forests, mountains, or bodies of water. As soon as there is a hint of warm sun, you can find me in a park, trail or beach. Even though I love the sound of thunderstorms, or watching large snowflakes fall, on those days my 'best life' consists of tea, a book or movie, and a fireplace and four-legged friend!

From a career-development standpoint, I worked in a nursing home in various capacities from high school until I finished university. It was there that I came to appreciate the power of simply being present, of genuine caring, and the value of the quiet moments in life, even when it seems that 'nothing is happening'. In counselling, sometimes these moments can be the most profound.

Once I finished my Bachelor's degree, with a major in psychology, at Western University (then UWO), I moved to Vancouver and began working in a homeless shelter. I was privileged to support and learn from so many individuals and families, some of whom were going through the most challenging times of their lives. Witnessing the vicious cycle of poverty and the pervasive social inequities that impacted many of my clients, I realized that I wanted to integrate my knowledge of individual psychology with greater understanding of how societal influences impact our lives. I went to University of British Columbia for my Bachelor's in Social Work, and then worked for nearly a decade in victim services, supporting survivors of crime. I also worked as a mental health specialist for WorksafeBC, before returning once again to university to complete my Master's in Social Work at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Since then, I've been working as a counsellor with people of all different ages, genders, sexual orientations, backgrounds and challenges. I know it's cheesy to say that I'm living a dream, but it's true! This is what I first imagined when I was about 12 years old but, through my own troubled youth, I never thought it would happen. It's from precisely that place that I believe so strongly in the resilience and possibilities for my clients!

That's me, and now I can't wait to learn more about you!.

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